Why do these lights include a donation to SolarAid?

The donation included in the sale of a each solar light from our e-store enables us to distribute more lights to rural off-grid Africa through our social enterprise, SunnyMoney. Find out more about SunnyMoney online here.   

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Glad you asked, if you have any questions you can email us at shop@solar-aid.org. Or you can give us a call on +44 (0)20 7278 0400. 

When will my lights be sent?

We aim to dispatch your lights within 5 working days, if for some reason you need them sooner please include this information on your order. 

What are the shipping costs?

You can calculate the shipping costs when adding solar lights to your cart. If the calculator is not able to generate the shipping costs, please send us an email at shop@solar-aid.org and we can work out what the cost will be.

What if I want to buy in bulk? 

Interested in buying in bulk and living in the UK? Then get in touch with us at shop@solar-aid.org, or you can give us a call on +44 (0)20 7278 0400 to find out the best deals. We unfortunately can not do this for international orders. 

How much do the lights cost in my currency?

Please use this tool

What happens if my light stops working?

Not to worry, the manufacturers of these solar lights have a two year warranty (1 year for the SM100) which we will uphold. If you run into difficulties with your solar light just get in touch with us at shop@solar-aid.org and we will help arrange a replacement if it's within the warranty.

What's your returns policy? 

We'll refund any items which are not completely happy with within 14 days of receipt.