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Let's make light work

SolarAid cares deeply about both people and the planet. With our social enterprise, SunnyMoney, we work to provide communities with access to solar lights in Zambia and Malawi. 

Solar lights are a clean, safe form of energy that helps people feel safe after dark without having to rely on dangerous and polluting ways of lighting their homes. 

Nearly 600 million people in Africa currently have no access to electricity.

But, with your help we can change this and light up lives across the globe.


A brighter future for


Solar lights mean the day doesn't have to end at sunset. It means families can cook together, children can study, and everyone can feel safe after dark.


By using solar power to light up homes, we eliminate the need for harmful fuels like kerosene and paraffin. With clean, sustainable lighting we can reduce greenhouse emissions.

The SolarAid Shop

Our shop is an important part of what we do, and any purchases you make will help towards a brighter future for homes, schools, healthcare clinics and the planet. 

Shop our range of solar lights, virtual gifts, e-card and merchandise today in the knowledge thatr you are helping to create a brighter future for all!

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Choose from our selection of solar lights or wear you support with our merchandise. If you're looking for a gift, check out our virtual gifts and e-cards.

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