A solar light changes everything

Feel the magic created at the flick of a switch.

The lightbulb moment

As you unbox your SolarAid light, you'll feel the magic. When you hold a solar light in your hands, changing the world feels within reach.

Experience it with our featured lights

Shipping constraints mean we can only include one box per order, but each order can include up to two lights. Any extra lights order will be packaged normally. You can mix and match from the lights below.


The most popular one


The compact one


The most durable one

Not sure that these lights are right for you...

No problem! Right now only these three featured lights are available with our fully packaged, lightbulb moment experience. If this isn't what you're looking for, check out our entire range of solar lights including our larger solar sytems instead.

Hear what our supporters think

Best lights ever! I've had 3 for at least 10 years, still going strong! I love them, both for camping and at home!


SolarAid supporter

A friend gave me one of these years ago and it’s possibly the best gift I’ve ever had. So many things these days are short-lived gadgets that disappoint right out of the box but your little light is just perfect.


SolarAid supporter

I've had couple of your lights since your start up on Kickstarter. They are still going! They are brilliant!


SolarAid supporter

They're a brilliant design, I originally saw them featured in an engineering magazine as an example of real sustainable technology.


SolarAid supporter

Because when you

Hold your solar light, changing the world feels within reach

Together, we're making light work!

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