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How will you use your solar light?

Elly took her light on a trip cycling from London to the Mediterranean Sea! It was clipped to her handlebars during the day to soak up the sun whilst cycling - then lit up her tent at night! She told us it was brighter than the usual head torch she uses!

Richard Turner, our Chief Fundraiser at SolarAid takes his solar lights camping with the family. Here is the d.light S2 which he's discovered some great uses for - from lighting a shadow puppet show, to illuminating a Halloween pumpkin, to a bedside light! 


After seeing SolarAid in the Guardian Christmas Appeal, Lisa took some d.light S2's to Angola. They are now being used by the Halo Trust, a mine-clearance NGO. The supervisors are using them to light the vital maps they use.

Matthew took his Sun King Pro to Glastonbury last year. He said "my daughter and seven friends nicked it to charge their phones, so I didn't see it much". A great addition to the festival kit it seems. Unfortunately, in Matthew's case this light was too popular with his friends and family!

On catching up with our lovely gap year explorer Emma, she told us that in Uganda she often uses her light to have a shower after dark, "it also means the women don't cook by candlelight and the children can use it to finish their homework.” Here’s a pic of the children with the S2!

Paul took a Sun King Mobile to Kathmandu as electricity was only on fifty percent of the time. He told us that he mainly uses it to light up his meals at night. Here it is along with his dinner and Nepalese LonelyPlanet -  what a great travelling companion it makes!

Up in the Lake District, SolarAid supporter Jenny milks her goats at the crack-of-dawn with the light from a solar lamp. Look at our Sun King Mobile hanging from the beam of the goat shed in the pic above. Solar lights can even help get the day off to a good start as well as a good end, especially in winter here.

SolarAid’s CFO Ruth went to France over the summer to visit her sister and niece. Ruth decided to give her niece an S2 and she apparently wouldn’t stop studying with it. Solar lights really are a great investment to increase children’s study time all over the world.

SolarAid-er Grace took a Sun King Pro 2 trekking with her around the Himalayas. She told us it was great during the frequent power cuts at night as she shared the beams with fellow trekkers and guides whilst drinking tea and chatting. She also got to charge it up every morning with this view to indulge in!


Julia lives in an old ruin in the depths of the Portuguese countryside.  There is no running water and no electricity so utilising solar energy is essential. Julia uses her Sun King Pro All Night to charge her MP3 player, her phone and to see at night. It sounds like a hard life to us, but with the solar lights she owns, Julia told us her pad in Portugal is total bliss.

Tom who works at SolarAid recently went to Marrakesh with his S2. He spent most of his evenings having dinner with his girlfriend in the ‘riad’ they were staying in - the S2 lit up these meals of course. By day, whilst he was out and about, it charged very successfully on the roof with this bustling main market square in the background.

This is Peter. He helped Judy; a supporter of ours, whilst she was in Rwanda. Peter was a fantastic translator for Judy and found the Sun King Pro she bought out for her trip hugely useful. She decided to give it to him as a thank you gift when she left. Peter is now really looking forward to the possibility of SolarAid venturing into Rwanda next!