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The ovPilot X is a compact yet powerful personal task light with built-in cell phone charging capability.  With 8.5 hours of 74 lumen light output from a single day's solar charge, it is the brightest product of its class. The built-in 2200 mAh, 3.6V lithium battery is capable of charging a typical cell phone and providing adequate light.

The ovPilot X™ has passed vigorous QA testing at the industry standard independent testing laboratory and has received Lighting-Global QA Verification.

This light is currently only available in the green colour.


  • Comfortable glare-free desktop lighting
  • Maximum 74 lumen light output
  • Built-in mobile phone charging port
  • Multiple mounting options: desktop, wall, ceiling, or even body-wear or bike-handle;
  • Light-weight yet durable engineering plastics construction
  • One day of solar charge provides 8.5 hours of light at 74 lumens or 35 hours of light at 19 lumens
  • Rugged water-resistant body
  • 4 in 1 Smartphone charging cable with 4 adaptors (Mini-USB, Micro-USB, 2 x adaptor for Nokia)
  • Weight: 475g and 554g inc packaging
  • Size: Solar Panel: 95mm x 195mm, Base: 100mm diameter, 215mm height, Lamp: 45mm x 120mm
  • 2 years warranty

See the ovPilot X on the Lighting Global website.

Download the full ovPilot X specification sheet.

Solar lights in Africa

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