d.Light A2

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About this light

The d.Light A2 is a low-cost, super-robust, no-nonsense task light. On a full day's charge, this light provides four hours of light and has a battery charge level indicator to let you know when it needs charging. The in-built solar panel means that this light is simple to re-charge as it can simply be left by the window when not in use.

What we like about this light

This wonderfully light is the younger sibling to the S3. It is a more basic and compact version and makes for a great addition to your camping kit! Our staff have found many uses for the S3: for their bike, reading at night or even as a child's bedside light. It's a perfect gift for any outdoors enthusiast or tech-keen friends! 

The techie stuff

  • Tough and sturdy
  • High-efficiency integrated solar panel
  • Lightweight: Only 140 grams
  • Weather resistant for sun and rain
  • Adjustable support
  • Smart solar indicator for charge intensity
  • 60,000 LED life
  • Lifetime well over three years (inclusive of battery)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Country certifications for East & West Africa (SONCAP, PVoC
  • Meets lighting global quality standards

Solar lights in Africa

Every light you buy in the SolarAid store helps to get another solar light to rural Africa. So your purchase is helping us get safe, clean light to families currently living without electricity. Read more about our work here.


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